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2015-10-29 11:06
Henning W. Today it seems to me the new layout should be launched. Unfortunately the site is a total mess on my screen. Working on a mac OS 10.10.5, browser is safari. Thanks for fixing!

2015-10-29 11:10
Darrell Malick Hi Henning,

Yes, for some reason it looks bad in Safari after the launch, when it looked great right before the launch. We'll get it fixed fast. In the meantime, if you have Chrome on your Mac, try that and it will look great right now.

2015-10-29 18:46
clarki With Firefox it is the same mess.

The design is just broken.

2015-10-29 18:51
clarki Please verify the page source with e.g. validator.w3.org
On the design are some tags which are closed but never opened.
Error: Stray end tag td.

From line 488, column 70; to line 489, column 13

nbsp;</td>↩ </td>↩

Error: Stray end tag strong.

From line 493, column 54; to line 493, column 62


2015-10-29 19:38
claude Thanks for your feedback, clarki. I was able to fix some W3C errors right away. Which version of firefox are you using? On which platform?

2015-10-29 20:21
clarki I'm currently using Firefox 41.0.2 on gentoo Linux, but the problem seems to be general with firefox, i have seen the "bug" also in the windows firefox (don't know which version)

- Opera as browser seems fine
- Konqueror as browser seems fine
- Chrome also works
- As far as i heard IE is also working correctly

2015-10-30 17:59
clarki Now it seems to work with firefox, too.

2015-10-31 06:35
bankangde The new site works well on both Safari and Firefox on my Mac running 10.11. Looks great and easy to use. Good work!

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