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Discussion/commentary on individual problems? [feature request]

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2015-10-22 20:25
wrex I'm looking forward to the new website. The green check marks for watched videos, and hovering for additional meta-information are particularly welcome features.

It appears, however, that neither the current system nor the new one allow any commentary/discussion on individual problems (beyond the "broken" button). This may have been a conscious decision — I realize how much effort it must take to create and maintain the content and features already on the site!

A few times already, though, I've wondered about a move not listed in the solution. It would be nice to have some way to clarify things while I'm still solving/reviewing the problem. These aren't "broken" problems, just aspects of the problems that might benefit from a little more clarification.

I inevitably see that the marked solution is better in some way than the move I'm considering, but sometimes I'm not completely sure why. I figure that if one person is confused about something, it's likely that someone else will eventually have the same confusion, so it would be helpful to see past discussion for a particular problem as well as to post new comments/questions.

As an example, while studying corner shapes today I was solving a life and death problem. I got the first move right, but my third move wasn't listed as a solution (neither green nor red circle) even though it allowed the group to live. I eventually realized it wasn't as good as the marked solution because it made slightly fewer points, but until I worked through every possible response I thought maybe it could be killed. (Admittedly, I'm probably better off having read through all the variations on my own! :-)

[For what it's worth, I answered C19 in the third move of 1022_08a.sgf.]

Just a text-only "discussion" tab on each individual problem would be very welcome, even if it's only students discussing among themselves without a pro. "What if I responded with C19 when white plays C18?" rather than anything requiring hooks into the sgf player.

I know full well the dangers of "feeping creatures" <laugh>, but I've also learned that never asking/reporting guarantees I won't get the features/fixes I'm hoping for!

Let me know if I'm completely missing the boat and there is already some mechanism in place for this sort of discussion.

Thanks again for the terrific site.

2015-10-22 20:27
wrex Ugh. I also have a new feature request for the forum: preserve whitespace in posts! <laugh>

2015-10-22 21:11
Darrell Malick Hi Wrex, I considered making a user comments section early on but elected not to. Two reasons: First - practical: It requires additional programming and there were, and still are, other things I think are more important within our available programming resources. The second reason I left it out is philosophical. We have tried as much as possible to have no "spoilers" at the beginning of the problems. Things like "Black's last move was a mistake." In a game, no one whispers this in your ear. So the Training System shouldn't give spoilers to the degree possible. I was concerned that user comments would end up adding spoilers. Yes, I suppose I could hide them until the problem is complete... This brings us back to point 1. Also - your other point: There actually IS some value from taking the time to figure it out. Also (I'm full of alsos), often another problem in the set will ASK you why a move was wrong, so you can pick it up there. Also (last one...), the problems are not intended to replace the lectures. The lecture system has some great navigation features that I will be demonstrating in a tutorial video very soon. White space: Yes, this is on the to-do list. I too hate losing my formatting.

2015-10-23 10:30
claude And the new site *do* preserve linefeeds.

2015-10-23 12:10
Darrell Malick Oh! I didn't know! Awesome!!!

2015-10-25 16:54
wrex Makes sense. I suspected it was intentional as I mentioned. Thanks for the thoughtful reply!

And thanks for preserving linefeeds in the new site! <laugh>


2015-10-25 17:39
Darrell Malick You're welcome. And the thanks go to Claude for fixing the white space!

2015-10-26 21:03
wrex To add to your rationale for not adding the feature: I just worked through a few problems where I didn't understand what was wrong with an alternate move I wanted to make. Only later did I realize that Ms. Guo had created *other* problems to explore the precise lines of play that I was confused about. In other words, the move I played wasn't shown in the original problem, but a subsequent problem eventually showed me precisely why it wasn't good (usually because it allows the opponent to make a ko). This undoubtably taught me better than if the move I was investigating had simply been marked with a red circle in the original problem — I'd have simply memorized a bad move that way without fully understanding why it was bad. After investigating on my own, and recognizing the position when it came up in a subsequent problem I definitely learned it better (and with repeated study sessions there's even hope it will stay learned!).

2015-10-26 21:14
Darrell Malick Wonderful! Thank you for the followup!

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