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Tesuji Lectures

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2015-10-08 21:06
kelvinkkc Hi, I'm new here. I'm just wondering if there is a set of Tesuji Lectures here, with corresponding problem sets, or is it embedded in other lectures and taught over time? What should I do if I want to practice some tesujis? And if there isn't any yet, can some be made? Thanks.

2015-10-08 23:45
Darrell Malick Hi Kelvinkkc, What is your level in Go?

2015-10-09 13:03
Darrell Malick A tesuji is a clever play, a skillful move, the best move in a local situation. My observation is that virtually every lecture here includes tesujis. Of course what is tesuji for a 20 Kyu is just an obvious move for a 1Dan. But if you are studying at your level, you will learn tesujis that are useful, and in situations that are likely to come up in your games. The various joseki lectures are just packed with tesujis. And the shapes from the josekis also appear at other times in the game, so learning the josekis fills your head with fighting tools and techniques. The "Corner Shapes" series too. The "Long L" lecture has two moves in it that almost made me fall out of my chair! Oh, and I got to play this beauty in a tournament game recently. When my opponent answered with one of the wrong moves, it was game over. http://internetgoschool.com/auth/lectures/999.lecture?position=480.112 :)

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