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Training System Frequency?

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2015-10-06 19:46
Toichi Hi,

I was wondering what are your thoughts on changing the frequency of studying new/old problems each day. I am hesitant to change the default settings (10 new, 100 total each day) because I think Guo Juan put them like that for a reason. Perhaps the ideas will stay in people's minds better if they study like that.

However, I was just wondering if it might be a good idea to change the settings. Maybe something like 30-50 new problems each day. I would like to go at a faster pace, but I do understand the importance of getting a solid foundation by taking it slow and using repetitive learning. Please let me know your thoughts.


2015-10-06 20:05
Darrell Malick Hi Toichi. I made the default settings and tried to set them at a friendly level. It is easy to underestimate how many reviews per day you will get if you pile on lots and lots of new problems. I don't want to lose people because of overwhelm. Of course, it also depends on which buttons you're clicking. If you click "easy" a lot, then you will get a lot fewer reviews. My current setting is 20 new problems per day. On a given day, usually because I want to get the final few problems of a lecture through the first review, I will add 10 more new problems once I reach that "No more problems" dialog box.

2015-10-07 03:09
Toichi Thank you for letting me know. I changed my settings to 20 new problems per day like you do. I think it is better because most lectures have more than 10 problems in the set, and it might be more effective to just finish the set. However I do understand that too many can overwhelm people :)

Thanks again.

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