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In my mind, and Yours?

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2015-08-19 15:07
afterbreak Hello,

I kinda ask everyone if anyone happen to meet players that critize Your play style and how You deal with it?

I myself, in my go carrer, had them like 3-4, I think first was around dec 2003 when I hit kgs 1d (started play oct 2003), then for next few months I met feew of them, when I got like 'ur style is bad You should give up playing), 'your bad player' and so on, I wont deny It around that time I was learning how to play more aggressive way (delita on kgs was my teacher), thanks to it I improved a lot.

But since I remember dec 2003 was like a wall, since then my gameplay and strenght was at same point, in local Go club I did not improve, could say I began slowly to fade away, once strongest player, was given 2-3 handicap stones. I feel ashamed. Then I decided to take few months of break.

After it I got back to game, but what happen wasnt improvement or even gettin to my old self, but I started to be afraid of playing games. Even at this point, I enjoy stydy pro games (learning from them or remembering them, I do more go problems than anytime (30+ daily) but my fear of game beats me like I dont know, I simply get to server watch a game and when I think I am gonna set game to play I log off, in panic, then I go to watch some pro game and make my daily ritual.

Any advices of dealing with it?


2015-08-19 18:02
stinkysuji A piece of advice : go is only a game, keep it in mind.
Do not reply to players who critize your style, ignore them (ban them if the system authorize it), the best way to reply is to win (or not...it is not important).
You should force yourself to play games, without thinking too much, lose it and restart a new one, lose it...you will understand deep inside that it has no importance (even if you fall to 10k!)
You must find again the simple pleasure of playing...

2015-08-20 13:56
Henning W. Just two cents: As mentioned, it is a game. So if you win, fine. If you loose, who cares? To overcome panic mode I'd suggest to play with people you are familiar with (online or in the real world). Makes even more fun than these anonymus games in iokgs. Cheers, Henning

2016-12-12 00:11
Theresia I know that this is an old discussion, but I am sure that people with the same problem will read it in the future. So let me say it clearly that the advice "it is just a game" is absolutely useless.

No, it is NOT "just a game" because the problem is the social interaction and social interaction is at the core of the human condition.

Advice about go: Play a different type of game that you did not play before (go for three people, blitz, correspondence, killing game, rengo, just play the endgame of a pro game). At ogs, the social competence of opponents is extremely different depending on how you obtain them (live tournaments versus correspondence direct challenge is the difference between youtube trolls and club members). Find some online friends to play with regularly.

Advice about life: Follow the general advice for all medium psychological problems: Meet your friends, eat well, sleep long enough, be physical active, go into the sun, actively seek out things that give you pleasure, avoid things and people that you know are bad for you.

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