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Question about life+death from typical mistakes #3

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2015-07-24 18:50
jdludlow In one of the training problems (1116_04a.sgf), the answer is the following.


If black plays H2 next, how can white kill it?

2015-07-24 18:54
jdludlow Ack, that formatting is pretty bad. Here's an easier link to copy. You don't need to sign into Dropbox to see it, just click the [X] on the login box. http://bit.ly/1GL4493

2015-07-24 19:09
Christian Bernscherer White blocks at j2. Black must play either h1 or e1 to secure the eye at the side. Afterwards a monkey jump kills the eye in the corner.

2015-07-24 20:06
Darrell Malick My non-pro reply is: Just hane (block) Black has two half eyes. Here's an sgf file with some branches explored: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/2999258/1116_04a%20explored.sgf

2015-07-24 21:15
jdludlow Thank you. It makes much more sense now.

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