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About important/unimportant stones again

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2006-09-14 21:25
Guo Juan We all know Go is about territory. Killing stones is a happy thing to do. But if the stone, or stones, or even a small group is not important, and we try very hard to kill or to save them, we may end up with loosing sente. With this sente our opponent may play a bigger point.

So what is an important stone? A cutting stone which cuts at least one, better more groups, which are not alive yet. A stone keeps big territory; a stone destroys big territory; a stone keeps our group alive...

My sugguestion is, before you are going to kill or to save stones, ask yourself: are they important? No, play a bigger move. Yes, kill or save it. Normally you only need a few seconds to make the correct decision. It is not difficult to make this decision, but it is difficult for us to make this into a habit.

We have three lectures on this subject already. Please check ShenJing 2p's class.

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