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Suggestion in the training system

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2015-06-23 00:13
nyoshi Hi,
A quick one, because I just encountered it. I guess the daily problems counter is reset around midnight, right? But as a late person I often study my problems between 11pm and 1am... and it is a bit annoying when I am halfway through my 100 problems and see it resets to 100 again... Is it possible to custom it in our settings or at least put it around 3am or 4am ?
By the way, thank you for the great work!

2015-06-23 01:40
Darrell Malick Hi Nyoshi. Yes, I agree this is a good idea. It is on our to-do list. Currently, a day is defined by server time rather than the user's time. And the server is in France. Thanks for the feedback and the suggestion!!

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