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Shorten some old lectures

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2015-05-25 21:16
Guo Juan I am making problem sets for old lectures. And I found the old lectures are much too long and much too much information in one lecture. I believe it is hard for students to study these long lectures. Since two years I (other teachers too) am making short lectures which are much more welcomed. So I am thinking about re-record some old long lectures and add problem sets for them. I have already started with Step by step course, next I would like to re-do my series of Typical mistakes. What do you think? Thanks.

2015-05-26 11:20
Christian Bernscherer Very good!

2015-05-26 11:35
Guo Juan Hello, I received many reactions, thanks! Instead of reply to the contact email address, would you please post replies here on our Forum? So people can read and discuss this matter here?
Many thanks!

2015-05-26 17:55
Terri Schurter I sent this reply to the contact email address by mistake. I will repeat it here:

I think that breaking the long lectures down into smaller chunks is a really good idea.

I like the way it has worked with the Step by Step Course lectures. I am sure it will work well with the other series of lectures that are long as well.

For students who have year long subscriptions this will likely be seen as a benefit. Those who purchase lectures individually may feel differently.
It might be worth considering a one month all you can watch subscription.

I can see why the problems subscription should be only by the year because problems should be worked on regularly, but students might choose to watch lectures for a month and then take a month off while still continuing with problems. It’s just an idea as an alternative to purchasing individual lectures.


2015-05-28 23:44
kvasir Shorter lectures are much better. It seems to me that shorter lectures are more focused on one subject and with 15-20 minute lecture I usually have time and energy to also review the subject afterwards. With long lectures it is not always easy to find enough time to review the subject again. If I have time I will watch more than one short lecture.

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