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problems on android phone

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2015-04-07 11:35
eukaryote Hi,

I can't watch lectures on android phone. none of the main browsers work
(chrome dolphin opera firefox). android is up to date, and my phone is a modern model (one plus one)

what happens:

1) lectures lengths are about 50%
2) sound only
3) goban is empty

do you know what could cause this problem?

2015-04-07 11:39
Darrell Malick Hi eukaryote, no, we don't know why this occurs. We have really put a lot of effort into solving this. Some tablet devices work and some don't, even when they are apparently identical (make, model, OS, browser). We have plans to make a tablet-specific interface, but it will take time. This is the best we can do. Sorry.

2015-05-19 22:59
Robin My htc m8 is working fine with htc browser and with chrome .. using it in the UK

2015-05-20 00:56
Darrell Malick Thank you Robin. This is helpful. Still working on this. Best regards, Darrell

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