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Chinese opening question

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2015-04-05 11:45
Squared In the problem set of the New Chinese Opening Lecture 3, specifically the problem 0843_23.sgf, there is something I wonder about.

What if after white N3, black hanes at R2 instead of blocking at M3? This sequence comes up later, in another problem.

If we play the following sequence:

wQ5 - bO6 - wN3 - bR2 - wS2 - bP2 - wO2 - bO3 - wN4 - bN2 - wM2 - bO1 - wM3 - bS1

Can white live locally on the right side? In all my attempts white seems to die. It seems really good for black.

2015-04-05 20:09
Darrell Malick Hi Squared, I tried to follow your logic but there's already a stone on Q5 so I got lost pretty early.

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