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Chinese Opening 2

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2006-08-18 20:50
rs220675 I have two issues:

1. Right now, I'm using Modzilla on a copmuter in a library and the Forum is working. When I use the Internet Explorer with my computer at home I can't log in somehow - just for information.

2. I'm thrilled that you started Opening lessons with the MiniChinese. Could you give me any idea of when Lessons about Chinese Opening will start? Will they start at all? Is somebody already working on it? Will it be published In some weeks/months? Don't get it wrong or feel pressured, I'm just very excited with your work & effort here and I can't wait to get the news :).

Thx and keep up the good work!

2006-08-25 11:25
Guo Juan Yes we will have some lectures on Chinese opening. I can not tell when they will be published because we are just too busy. But they will be there one day.

Thanks for supporting us!

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