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Problems repeating too fast

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2015-02-14 21:42
kvasir I was doing problems in the training systems just now when problems I did 20-30 minutes ago appeared again. I am sure I selected "easy" on all of them before but now for the current problem the choice is between seeing the problems in easy=3 hours, good=2 hours or hard=1 hour and the one before was easy=2 hours, good=2 hours and hard=1 hour.
I am not sure if this is the best way to report something like this.

2015-02-14 21:48
Darrell Malick Hello kvasir, This is a good way to get help. We were doing some pretty deep work in the programming today and had a couple bumps along the way, which were quickly fixed. However, maybe there's another problem. I'm going to send you an email to explore it further with you. If it's broken, we'll definitely fix it! Cheers! Darrell (Guo Juan's helper)

2015-02-14 21:50
Terri Schurter kvasir,

I am just a user like you, not associated with the the site, but let me point out that for each problem there is something to can click on to report a a bug. That would probably be the best way to report an issue like this. I know that they are currently working on a bug regarding the repeat times I've had a few problems that show varying numbers of minutes instead of the expected number of days for easier problems.

I've used the bug reporting link and have gotten responses back via email. So they will know that you sent in the response.

I hope you are enjoying the Training System as much as I am.


2015-02-14 22:00
Darrell Malick Like!

2015-02-15 02:44
9APCRmUC Besides having problems repeat right away after I clicked on "easy," I noticed another problem. The numbers of problems (number new, to learn, remaining to do) listed in the upper right of the problem screen does not change after I've marked a problem "easy"; in fact, sometimes, the number of problems remaining actually goes up. So I can never get to the end of my scheduled problems for the day even if I do the same problems over and over.

2015-02-15 11:38
Darrell Malick Hello 9APC, It sounds like you're misunderstanding the info presented, not that there's a bug. The top two lines show how many problems you have ENABLED. Enabled means selected for study on the My Problems page. It does not show how many problems you have to do today. The 3rd line "problems in today's study queue" shows how many problems you have left to solve TODAY. See here if you are confused about the statuses on the 2nd line: http://internetgoschool.com/training_help.vhtml#Statusesofproblems

2015-02-15 16:17
Darrell Malick Hello everyone. Yesterday, 14 Feb., for a while problems weren't recording in the database when you solved them. Because of this, you got repeats of the problems. So you were all right! Sorry about that. The problem was found and fixed because of your help. Sorry to make you do these problems an extra time!

2015-02-15 22:28
9APCRmUC Before starting practice today (Feb. 15), I copied my problem numbers from the screen:
You have 1055 problems enabled
(reviewing: 1035; learning: 4; new: 16).
79 problems in today's study queue.
After doing 10 problems just now, I expect the number of enabled problems to stay the same, while the number of problems in today’s study queue goes down 10, which it did. This is normal. It looks like your fix is working.
You have 1055 problems enabled
(reviewing: 1035; learning: 4; new: 16).
69 problems in today's study queue.
Yesterday, after doing a lot of problems, number of problems in today’s study queue didn’t change; in fact, sometimes, it went up.
Also, after enabling new problems and doing them repeatedly, the number of new problems didn’t change.
If this happens again, I will try to copy it from the screen to show you.

2015-02-15 22:32
Darrell Malick Ok, good! The programmer found the issue and fixed it. It's good that you're seeing the same thing I am. Thanks!

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