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missing feature training system

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2015-02-12 19:19
Elske Hello,

I've just bought a membership for the training system and lectures after I met Guo Juan at "the Haagse go tournament" in Den Haag, Netherlands last weekend.

Of course I wanted to check the system out before I became a member so I did the free problems and lectures first. Since the free problems are a bit above my level I have now turned them off. But now, when I look at my added total of due problems, those problems show as due even though I turned them off.
I would like the possibility to delete all progress in a problem set for three reasons:
1: They wouldn't appear as due, but as new, and I would know how many due problems to expect when I start my training for the day.
2: Once I will get to them in half a year or so and turn them on again, they would go to the next day immediately even if I press the "Hard" button, and I want to see them again in 10 minutes if they are hard.
3: And since they don't show up as new, but will be to me in half a year I will get 10 new problems that day and also the 19 (new) problems I already did once or twice now.

I'm sure other beginners joining this program will have the same problem. So I would really advice to ad a feature to return a set of problems back to "New" status.

A part from this, I love the training system and I'm sure it will be a great help improving my play.

Elske van der Meer - Spaa (15k)

2015-02-12 23:11
Darrell Malick Hi Elske, I'm glad you're liking the Training System. I'm sure it will help your Go very much and very fast. I read your post and I like your suggestion. I've added your request to the feature request list we have going. Appreciate the feedback! Let us know how your progress goes!

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