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disappearing problem selections

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2015-01-28 23:44
9APCRmUC In problem selection, when I select (or uncheck) a set of problems, my recent choices disappears later, so I have to double-check and fix some of my selections. This only seems to affect selections made more recently. The system used to save my selections, but now it doesn't? The system still saves a record of how many problems are new or review.

2015-01-29 02:26
Darrell Malick Hi 9APC, I don't understand. Sorry. Would you make a couple screen captures and send it to me at darrell DOT malick AT gmail DOT com please? Thank you. -Darrell- (GuoJuan's helper)

2015-01-29 18:43
9APCRmUC I just enabled the problems for Joseki for Beginners lecture 2, did the problems, then, when I came back to the list, the checkmark for the problem set had disappeared. So I have to enable it again and again. The system isn't saving the check mark.

2015-01-29 19:03
Darrell Malick That's not good. I haven't been able to replicate this so far, but I'll keep trying. What kind of device and OS and browser are you using?

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