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Reported number of problems wrong

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2015-01-24 15:03
sorglos Hi! Don´t know if this is of any significance for the spaces in
the spaced repetitions. Anyway: On my (account sorglos) statistics page for the past there are a lot of days with around 30 probs or even less solved. But: In my setting I had 100 and now have 50 as maximum for a day. If I remember correctly I returned here every day (besides christmas :-) ). Something looks fishy with the reported numbers.

May be it hints to some other bug.


2015-01-24 15:58
Darrell Malick Hi. This was a bug, which has been fixed very recently. It should be ok from now on. We can also recover past stats, and will do so very soon.

2015-01-25 02:05
9APCRmUC My stats have been reporting that I did problems tomorrow before tomorrow has arrived. I suspected that this might be a time zone problem, because I am in GMT-8 zone. Maybe the site metrics algorithm doesn't adjust for time zone.

2015-01-25 02:45
Darrell Malick 9APC: That's not a bug, that's a FEATURE! See, you're learning so fast that now you know it before you even knew you knew it! But since maybe this explanation seems to be a bit weird I'll let it slip that we'll eventually slow down time for you and the other GMT-8 folks. The server is in France. GMT+1. And the site is on server time for now. This issue is, however, a fairly low priority item on our to-do list. Fair warning. Seriously, I hope you don't find it too distracting in the mean time.

2015-01-25 03:25
9APCRmUC So you could advertise a time machine for travelling to the future!

2015-01-25 04:20
Darrell Malick http://i0.wp.com/blog.smartthings.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/06/back-to-the-future-delorean.jpg?fit=683%2C405

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