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Unable To Make Payment

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2006-08-16 07:48
mikewallstedt I'm excited to try out this novel approach to learning Go, however, as far as I can tell the only way I can put money into my account is through the PayPal link. Unfortunately, this link brings up a page in a language I can't understand. I'm more than happy to pay with my credit card, or transfer funds to a PayPal account first if necessary, but I'm unable to find a way to do either. Please advise.

2006-08-17 12:52
kimxmm Hi, GuoJuan is in the US Congress, she is very busy, she might not be able to go online everyday.
I'm sure she can give you some good advice about the payment. please be patient.

2006-08-18 18:58
VeniVidiCogitavi I can't read that page, either, but I've found that if you just go ahead and use the login/password boxes there to log into Paypal, your Paypal account will come up in your own language and you can set up the payment from there.

2006-08-24 12:06
jhogan2005 For those of us without a PayPal account, some translation guide for the fields is needed. I can guess at most of the fields, but I do not have any idea on some of the fields. It would help if the language of the PayPal page could be selected.

2006-08-25 09:19
jhogan2005 I posted my frustration too soon. On the paypal site, if you select the correct country in the "Land" field, it will translate the page for you. (Some intelligent guessing as to how your country's name appears in Dutch may be needed though. :)

2006-08-25 11:36
Guo Juan Guo Juan here again. I am in Japan now to play Oza myself.

There are more people having this language problem on paypal. So to select the correct country in the "Land" field is the solution.

2006-08-31 08:35
tommyjliu You could also type in your email and password where you normally would in the fields for your own language's paypal site. It automatically goes to your language when you sign in. It worked for me at least.

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