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Training System - watching new lectures

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2015-01-19 14:35
beans How often should I watch a new lecture while using the training system?

2015-01-19 15:21
Darrell Malick Hi Beans. I've settled into a system. Each morning I do my Training System studies. When I run out of NEW problems in my set, it's time to watch a new lecture. When I watch a lecture, I enable the problem set that goes with it. Occasionally I have to re-watch a lecture I've seen before, but it's actually pretty rare. If I'm having trouble remembering something about some problem, I go back and do the problems for that lecture in cramming mode and this is usually all the review I need to get it fully refreshed in my head. Does this help?

2015-01-20 11:48
beans It does indeed! Thanks for sharing.

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