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POM / Joseki 1 sound problem

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2014-10-17 10:54
MannFred Hello,
thanks for the great site and all, it is a pleasure to watch :)

I'm watching presently at the POM / Joseki 1 lecture and I push the sound at the maximum of my device and I barely ear what mingjiu jiang said :p I think this is a problem (a minor problem for sure)


2014-10-17 11:20
preece Quiet for me too. I quite often find mingjiu jiang lectures a little hard to hear. I did wonder if they were recorded via a speaker phone ?

2014-10-17 11:56
Darrell Malick Hi MannFred, Sorry about that. I'm afraid I can't fix this one. On my laptop it's plenty loud, but it is clearly quieter than other lectures. Sorry. Perhaps headphones or external speakers or a different playback device?

2014-10-17 13:08
MannFred yes it is a problem cause my speakers are not powerfull and with headphones, there's some parasites sounds which can cause some headache.

Maybe subtitles could be an alternative :)

But it is ok, I push the volume to the maximum in a quiet place and I can heard. Thanks for the answer.

PS: Maybe, you can said to mingjiu jiang to speak a little closer to the MC :D

2014-10-17 15:01
Terri Schurter I notice that you can already watch the lectures with English subtitles. Maybe not all have English subtitles. Go to the lecture page for the lecture you want to watch and look near the bottom to see if it is available with subtitles. Terri

2014-10-18 11:51
MannFred Thanks for the answer, but not for these lectures :p

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