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Basic shape 2, please check.

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2014-10-12 19:45
ramon.mercado On iPhone 5 this lecture displays incorrectly. The right side of the goban is not displayed. Not sure if this issue also happens on PC. Please check as there are several variations of the lesson that can't be seen.

2014-10-12 19:54
Darrell Malick The Apple devices have been a challenge. They don't seem to fully support HTML5 yet. Which OS are you using? Which browser? Have you tried adjusting the board size using the zoom out button found on the bottom right corner of the screen? Also, try both Portrait and Landscape modes.

2014-10-12 20:28
ramon.mercado I notice this only happens if I click "watch it" on vertical orientation. If I switch to horizontal click watch it then it's ok, even if I swith back to vertical I still get the full goban. I'm using Safari on iOS 8.

2014-10-12 23:06
Darrell Malick Ok, sounds workable for now, but with room for improvement. iOS 8 seems to be working better than iOS 7. Thanks for the info! Are you liking the Training System otherwise?

2014-10-13 01:29
Terri Schurter I have not updated to iOS8 yet. I plan to after I remove some things from my iPhone. I don't want to update just the iPad. I have been watching lectures on my iPad with no difficulty under iOS7. I have not been able to use the training system on the iPad, however. I have not tried to fix it though because I enjoy doing my problem sets on the desktop computer. I am going to start doing more cramming though, and I think I would enjoy cramming on the iPad. What should I be looking at in terms of settings to be able to make the problems work on the iPad? Perhaps a web page with directions for problem solving on the iOS devices might be nice. I seriously LOVE the training system. Today for the first time I was able to make the ghost head successfully. When I first saw that problem I said, "Come on, seriously, this is too many moves. How am I ever going to remember that?" But I clicked through it for a few days and today I saw the cut and said to myself, "The ghost head is coming if I can only remember all the moves." and I did! And I practiced it a few times before I moved on. It was fun. Now if I can just make it happen in a game. Terri

2014-10-13 04:08
ramon.mercado Love the training system. Thank you guys for all the work you have done!

Terri, if you do the update through iTunes on your PC you don't need to free up as much space.

2014-10-13 14:22
Darrell Malick Terri: I'm very pleased you're having success remembering long sequences now. Me too! I love it. Now I'm losing games because of middle game fighting instead of screwing up the josekis.... But I'm also winning against stronger players than before too :) As to your Apple device suggestion, so far, upgrading to iOS 8 seems to be the path to joy and happiness. I'm not aware of any settings issues. --- Ramon: Thank you!!!

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