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Black/White confusion

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2006-08-12 23:51
Guo Juan I am making the same mistake all the time: contusion with black and white. I really try very hard to avoid this mistake, but it seems never could succeed :-(

Then I heard from other Chinese pros that they are having the same problem. It seems like we make mistake with black/white, left/right...

I am really sorry and I will do my best to make it right.

2006-08-18 19:16
VeniVidiCogitavi Don't feel bad about this; it's just an easy swap for anyone to make. In fact, I just listened to James Kerwin's latest KGS+ lecture, and in it he makes BOTH the black/white and left/right mistakes - and they weren't just momentary slips; in both cases it was to the point where he had to back up and correct them.

So I don't even think it has anything to do with what your native language is.

2006-10-17 05:41
ckclark It's not a problem. Your English is quite good, and it is always possible for me to tell which one you mean from context.

2006-10-17 23:22
Guo Juan My late husband once said, the worst thing on earth is to let Guo Juan navigate in the car. Of course what happened was when we had to turn to the left, I shouted: turn to right!

2006-10-18 14:35
kimxmm I made the same mistates too when giving lectures. :(

My friend asked me many times why? I couldn't find a good answer.

black and white, left and right, ahh :(


2006-10-18 14:52
kimxmm When my friend asked me why i got confused about black and white, I said: women do this. I saw guojuan did this many times. he said: this doesn't make any sense...

SirBowen just said JKervin got confused about black and white too. 8-)

Why when I'm looking at a white stone but i say black? I want to fix it too.


2007-03-20 16:27
lukasz.blek I think You would get more confused in Ireland, where left is the right side of the road ;)

Best Regards

P.S. I love pro games commentaries!

2011-04-03 16:00
caveman This is a very interesting pattern. I have noticed this in many lessons (male and female, here and elsewhere). One pattern that I notice is that most often the mistake is one-sided. It's almost always calling the white stones 'black'. Very rarely is it the opposite. It also seems more common with Chinese teachers.

But don't worry about it. It doesn't affect the quality of the lessons. Helps keep me on my toes in fact. :P

2012-07-01 07:01
Buri Greetings,
yes, you do it a lot;) But it is not a problem at all. Makes things more interesting. I am an ex professional violinist and we have a similar kind of problem when typing. When playing the violin we always think ahead when reading so my letter order gets reversed when writing all the time. People think I am dyslexic but this is not the reason.
Many thanks for all the great lectures,

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