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Joseki for beginners, number 9 question

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2014-10-09 02:29
plalonde After the three space high pincer (at Q10), you say jumping out is bad because white cannot play under Q10, because S10 can be cut. Why doesn't white make his base at S11?

2014-10-09 09:19
Christian Bernscherer because the result will be painful for White. Black will block at s10 and if White pushes up, Black will block again at r10. Black gains a lot of influence,and White is pushing from behind.

2014-10-09 21:24
plalonde Ok, that makes sense. Would the move would be possible if black was already strong on that side (say a stone around R6), and so wan't giving anything away? Although that's straying from joseki, now.

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