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Is there a problem with this problem?

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2014-10-07 22:24
Buri Greetings,
Just to say thanks for the wonderful training course. Its going to be a greta year.
I am a little puzzled by one solution in the Basic Training Course 2B problem 1035_04.sgf
It says that white`s invasion is not severe but it seems to me that white can cut at o 15 and capture two stones which gets a huge corner.
Maybe I just need more coffee?

2014-10-07 23:10
Darrell Malick Hi Buri, Thanks for liking the Training System! My amateur opinion is that: yes, White (or Black depending on random chance) can kill the two unimportant stones in gote if he wants. White already had most of the big corner before the invasion. White gained, but Black isn't left with a broken position. Black ends up with a strong influential group where previously he merely had a stable one.

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