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Training System's release schedule

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2014-09-23 18:38
Gmaj7 1)Is there particular predetermined order at which older lecture training sets will be published at?

2)I would be particularly interested in Middle game training, opening training and Chinese opening

3)When can I expect these to start appearing? In a week, month, season, year?

2014-09-23 18:55
Darrell Malick Hi Gmaj7. 1) No, there's no set order. We're working hard and steadily, but it's a BIG job. 2) Your requests are noted. Your requests are appreciated and do influence our work order. 3) Sorry, I can't make you any promises, but new sets are being published all the time. I know the original Chinese Opening lecture series has number 1 close to publishing. It's going through reviews now. After that, the New Chinese Opening lectures will get priority over the older set.

2014-09-23 19:04
Guo Juan Hello Gmaj7, I just published the problem set for ''Chinese Opening Lecture 1''. Enjoy!

2014-09-23 19:45
toadwarble Give them a break! The rate of release has been fantastic, I've not had time to digest the existing ones yet!

2014-09-23 19:53
Darrell Malick toadwarble! My hero! :) I really do like to hear what people are most interested in though. Then I know we're delivering what people are wanting.

2014-09-23 20:10
Gmaj7 I didn't mean to sound offensive, toadwarble. Just as the process is not 100% transparent I have to ask questions to have a better understanding, especially about the order of releases.

And I completely agree that the rate of release of new training set problems is excelent.

Thank you, guojuan!

2014-09-23 23:42
Terri Schurter Guo Juan, Thank you for the Chinese Opening lecture 1 problems. I appreciate them. I am enjoying all of the problems I have activated so far. I've listened to the entire Joseki for Beginners series already. They are great. I love the corner life and death also. My problem study is part of my daily morning routine now. First coffee, then problems, then breakfast. Terri

2014-09-24 08:08
toadwarble Sorry if I took anything the wrong way, I'll look at the Chinese Opening ones later today, I really need to understand that better. My personal wish lists are (a) more about handicap games as white (b) learning to do score estimates better and tailoring the play to fit (c) defending against "dodgy" invasions. But I will be patient!

2014-09-24 10:34
Darrell Malick Nice feedback! Toadwarble, I've added your items to the list. Terri - wow!

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