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Request For Week View of Statistics

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2014-09-15 20:51
Terri Schurter Currently statistics can be viewed by the day, month, or year. I would find it useful if a week view could be added. Also I am curious about when a day begins. Is it at midnight GMT? If so, is there a way that we can tell the system what time zone we are in, or a way to be sure that once a study session begins that it does not get split between two days? Perhaps the entire session could be credited to the day in which it begins. Maybe I am missing something. I am really enjoying the Training System. I think I may have missed only two days since starting the system. Thanks in advance… Terri

2014-09-15 23:30
Darrell Malick Hi Terri, I'm so glad you like it! I'm loving it too. You are correct about the time zones. That is on our list to improve. I'll add a weekly view request to the list, no promises when. You asked for the original Chinese Opening lecture 1. A set of problems has been made now and is going through review. You should have it soon! Cheers! -Darrell-

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