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Training system broken on android

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2014-09-13 13:12
Gmaj7 Seems that training system is broken on my nexus 7 device. Clicks on board get registered by rendering transparent stone and sometimes changes to opposite color without placing previous stone on the board.

Buttons regarding restart, solution, easy, etc seem to act in similar way not registering tap.

Doesn't work neither on latest chrome browser nor Firefox.

Is this known issue, will it be fixed or you won't support android users?

2014-09-13 14:32
Darrell Malick Hello Gmaj7. This is the first report of the Training System not working on an Android device. Therefore it is not (previously) a known bug. I have tested it on a Samsung tablet and it was fine. We certainly want it to work on yours as well. We might need a little cooperation in figuring out why yours doesn't work. Will it be ok if I send you emails? Thank you!

2014-09-13 16:58
Gmaj7 It is OK, we can continue discussion with emails, I assume you have it from system.

2014-09-13 17:04
Darrell Malick Yes, I'll pull your email address off the system. Thank you!

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