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Known bugs in Training System

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2014-08-24 15:02
Darrell Malick Internet Explorer v 11 under Windows 7 - the computer's moves are not being made. Works fine with Chrome and Firefox.
iPad using Safari or Chrome - computer's moves are not being made.
We are working on these issues. Sorry.

2014-08-25 18:54
claude It should be fixed for IE 11. Please let me know if it is also ok for iPad with Safari/Chrome.

2014-08-28 17:06
plalonde It is broken on iPad with safari.

2014-09-01 15:42
claude It should also be fixed on iPad, now.

2014-09-01 21:15
Darrell Malick Yes! It's working on the iPad now! Thank you Claude!!

2014-09-02 00:50
plalonde Woot! Thank-you!

2014-09-05 11:09
Darrell Malick 1. While fixing the iPad, sound stopped working for some browser/OS combos. We're working on it.
2. On the My Problems page, the problems Due count sometimes doesn't update. To see an accurate count: click "Study Now" and then use the link at the top: "Back to the problems selection page." (Don't use the browser "Back" button, it reloads the cached page) We're working on this one too.

2014-09-05 16:43
claude The sound sound be fixed. But you may have to hit "shift+refresh" in your browser to it to work again.

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