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We see the hope

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2006-07-25 01:04
Guo Juan I am just back from the French Go summer camp. This year we had 80 young players from 6 to 21 years old, and from 30k to 5dan, joined the Go school there. They trained 8 hours a day, some of them even studied in the evenings.

I see big hope for western Go world now. Not just in France, but everywhere we have more and more young players joining this world.

I am so happy to see many players are working very hard to promote Go. I hope one day we will have a big Go world in the west and we will have strong players , just like in Asia.

I will do my best!

2006-07-25 13:47
j.corbella I'm really sure that it will be so. You are doing a big work and every day there are more asia teachers on internet. Go should be very popular on the west earlier. Keep working on audiogolessons please.

2006-10-17 06:08
ckclark It's definitely working. The basics you are teaching are getting around somehow. Players who have never heard you in person now say "ouch!" at the hane at the head of two stones. This means that the generation that is learning from you and the other generous pros who are bringing this information to us is already starting to pass this knowledge on to the next.

2010-12-03 09:25
zzz I am sure, you can help us to produce the first European pro! Your lessons are so great!

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