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Ten second rewind?

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2014-02-16 03:34
plalonde Thanks for the great lectures - I'm so glad I subscribed!

While watching the lectures I sometimes fall a little behind when I follow along with a board. A ten-second rewind button would be incredibly useful!

2014-02-20 17:19
Guo Juan Great idea! We will have it as soon as possible. Now our webmaster is working on our new online training system. Thanks for your patience.
And sorry for late reply!

2014-02-24 22:19
plalonde Awesome, Thanks.

2014-10-09 23:39
plalonde I'm going to ask for this again now that the Training System is working so well :-)
Thanks so much!

2014-10-10 10:17
Guo Juan aha you are right, the training system is working nicely. Time to work on more things, this is one of the them!

2015-08-17 04:34
plalonde Semi-annual bump!
Loving the new shorter lectures, which seem to not need the rewind as much, but on the longer lectures it's really hard to back up just a bit to re-examine the order of moves.

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