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Study guide question

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2006-07-20 20:43
smaughster Hello all,

Thanks for the site, I look forward to the first audio lesson. Especially the steps in the study guide are very nice pointers. I do however have a question on the study guide. For a starter like me, it says to solve life and death problems, 5 problems each day. What kind of difficulty should these problems be?

From other sources, I got the impression that studying larger quantity of "easy problems" would be more worthwhile than spend hours trying to crack a hard problem. It sounded logically, since I assume that by solving lots of problems at your current level, that the harder ones will become easier in time. However, 5 easy problems are solved within minutes, so does the study guide target problems that are slightly above your current level? (I realize that at my level, any kind of study will help me forward, but I am still interested in the intention)

Thanks a lot for the answer.


2006-07-21 13:54
Guo Juan The problems should not be too hard to solve. My suggestion is just take any book or the problems online, start from the begining, one by one, from easy to difficult. Not other way around. The basic ones are most useful because from which you will learn more about shapes.

5 each day is just an idea. If you have more time you can do more. However it is very good to spend time on solving problems.

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