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How to learn variations.

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2013-08-31 11:13
Buri Greetings,
I have been studying the Star Point Lectures for some time now. Learning them slowly (in my case very slowly) and carefully gives a big boost in confidence and understanding of how to play or not. To study these lectures one can make a file containing individual variations as small branches. Very often the variation starts from the same specific position. Rather than just copy this and then add the variation I found a way of building in review.
First use the edit button on your sgf file and show the starting position for the variation and then write `How did we get here?` Then play one bl move to get out of the eidt. Go back to edit setting and edit out your start position. Then go back to `move` and recreate the start position from the beginning. In this way one has to remember exactly what the starting moves were for every variation before doing the new variation itself. Its very helpful for intensifying review.
Now if anyone can tell me how to jump from edit to a new edit position without editing out the first one I would be very grateful;)

2014-10-04 20:51
Guo Juan Hello Buri. Our new training system will make variations much easier to learn.

2014-10-19 11:19
Buri Indeed it does :)

2014-10-19 12:01
Darrell Malick Woo hoo! Didn't you suggest an SRS once upon a time Buri?

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