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blitz games

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2013-04-06 04:22
go123 Hi everyone,

I want to know your opinions about blitz games. Should beginners play blitz games? Is ''playing blitz games'' a MUST?

it looks like it is played for more fun than real effort. It is kind of a lazy job. (these are my opinions i am 9 kyu)

so what do you think? should i play blitz games?

2013-07-18 07:04
zac I'd really like to know Guo Juan's (or other pro's) take on this. I personally play games around 20-40 mins + byo-yomi. I play at this length because I feel it gives me enough time to stop and consider moves/read out sequences at what I perceive to be key points in the game, and do a rough count of points a couple of times.

I'd like to know what Guo's opinion is on optimal play times for beginners/amateurs. For reference, I'm a 7k on KGS

2013-07-18 12:11
Guo Juan Sorry for late reply go123 and thanks to zac's respond.
First of all I would say there should never a 'MUST'. We play Go for fun so any forcing is no good.
Now let's talk about playing time. I think both long and blitz games are fine. If we want to improve, playing games, as many as possible is most important. If you have time on an evening after a busy day, sit down with a cup of wine and find a nice opponent who is also relaxing and not in hurry, in this case a game with longer time is good. I normally ask my students to play games between 15 to 60 minutes. In such long games you can think and read deeper and after the game you can review it, too see the good moves you played and the mistakes you made. But if we are too busy and no time, playing blitz games is very good. Blitz game is very good for learning shapes and getting experience. In one word, PLAY!

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