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nexus 7 - goban freezes

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2013-03-27 09:29
eukaryote Hello
I am trying to watch the lessons on nexus 7 (chrome)
The audio is ok but the visual part kind of freezes
and skips by 3-4 moves at the time
Also lesson duration time shown in the player is like a half of the
expected time what may be connected to the problem
Does anyone experied that?
Any hints how to solve the problem?

2013-03-27 11:44
claude Please submit a bug report using the "bug report" button from inside the lecture, it will give us more informations on your system.

2013-03-27 14:44
eukaryote Ok, reported

2013-03-27 15:06
claude Thanks. We will investigate. At least, if it works with firefox, it means you are not stuck.

2013-03-27 18:06
eukaryote Yes, thanks
For anyone who experiences the same problem :good news is as claude mentioned
that the lessons on firefox work fine
(Chrome and dolphin are affected)

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