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opening or joseki

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2013-03-22 16:45
go123 i want to get strength about early stages. there are lectures about ''opening'' and about ''joseki''

which lectures should i take first?

2013-03-22 17:27
Guo Juan Hello go123, may I ask what is your level? After I know your level I can give your some advice. Thanks. GuoJuan

2013-03-22 18:23
go123 Hi Guo Juan teacher, i am a 10 kyu player in KGS server.

2013-03-23 21:24
Guo Juan For Opening lectures:
http://goo.gl/gpjji -> The Opening training Level A and B

http://goo.gl/C9sBr -> Common Opening

The first two lectures on Chinese Opening, Kobayashi and San Lian Xin. Remember, only the first two lectures.

I highly recommend basic course: http://goo.gl/jzeh9

And the typical mistakes will help much too: http://goo.gl/AXYHr

2013-03-23 22:29
go123 thanks for advise. but what about joseki lessons? should i take joseki lessons after those opening lessons? all i want to ask that there are two categories about early stage of the game. joseki category and opening category. which category should i study first?

2013-03-24 05:31
Guo Juan For your level, I think the josekis in Step by step course are very good. I am planing to make series of basic josekis...

2013-03-24 11:29
go123 i don't know why but somehow i was confused about where to start joseki or opening.

and upcoming basic joseki lectues!

that's great news!

thanks for all.

2013-03-24 13:10
Guo Juan Please see the study guide page: http://goo.gl/yefAk

2013-03-24 13:29
go123 i was confused, now i am OK. thank you again.

2013-04-14 05:31
Guo Juan Hi Go123,
I just started a series of lectures on joseki for beginner. Specially for you :)
Here is the first lecture: http://internetgoschool.com/lecture.vhtml?ls_id=890

2013-04-15 15:40
go123 that was absolutely i need. now i will make my oppenents suffer more hehee.

thank you very much!

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