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Some site issues

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2013-01-04 22:58
pel Hi,

First off - hats off for the new site. It is sooo much nicer :)
Especially the audiogolessons.

Watching a lesson by Young Sun Yoon 8p she referenced another lecture. So I stopped to have a short look for that lecture clicking:

Pro Lecture Library -> Teachers -> Young Sun Yoon 8p -> See all lessons by Young Sun Yoon 8p (https://internetgoschool.com/search.vhtml?author=12)

and was greeted by a 404 (page not found). Also there were two teaching accounts matching Young Sun Yoon 8p.

2013-01-04 23:07
pel Also, lesson with ID 859 seems to not work yet with the new player.

2013-01-05 00:03
Guo Juan Thanks for your report. I will pass your words to our webmaster. Please send reports about any errors you found!

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