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thanks for the new interface!

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2012-12-28 15:11
burrito This is really great. I am watching a lecture on my iPad right now!

2012-12-28 17:33
TechTea This is huge for me, I just got a windows Surface RT tablet that doesn't support Java and can now learn GO on my new tablet! Thanks so much!

2013-01-04 22:50
pel Awesome! This means I can ditch my laptop when I travel :)

2013-01-05 00:05
Guo Juan Thank you so much for your support! Please tell your Go friends about our lecture site.
We are working hard, and will bring up more and more nice programs :-)

2013-01-20 11:07
Buri Greetings,
I agree. What more can one say than it doubles the value of this site!
Probably I will lose my job because I will sit in the rest room and listen to lectures when I supposed to be working....
Warmest thanks,
PS Who is Buritwo? ;)

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