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Another interesting lecture format

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2012-10-18 11:17
keysersoze Hello, Guo Juan! I'm not sure about the ethical side of this idea but for education purposes i believe that would be great. Any professional from your audio go school might play a game on any internet server including KGS against mid-high dan players (5-7 dan) and give live comments on his own thinking during the game (choosing direction of play or the right time to defend or attack), his opponents mistakes, and how exactly he made use of those mistakes to turn the game in his favour (naturally the commentary can be made into a lecture after the game to make the lecture shorter). I think this kind of lectures will be very helpful for aspiring mid-dan players who want to become even stronger. This strange idea comes from watching some really strong 9 dan players appearing on KGS from time to time and defeating 6-7 dans so easily so one naturally begins to wonder -- do 7 dans really make so many mistakes to lose in fuseki basically?
What do you think about this?

2012-11-06 09:41
keysersoze I really feel like i'm talking to myself here but still... There is a great lecture about playing after josekis and possible developments and follow-ups in popular josekis by Young Sun Yoon. But why is there just 1 (!!!) lecture on such an enormous topic? Can we ever expect a continuation of the series?

2012-11-10 02:31
Guo Juan It is indeed a nice idea! But it is not easy to do because it will cost very much work for us and we don't have such budget at the moment. Thanks for your suggestion!

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