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Opening Training

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2012-09-04 11:21
Buri Greetings,
I think it takes some time to find out the kind of combination of lectures that works best for us when using this site extensively. However, if there is one set I have really benefitted from more than any other I would say the Opening training or OT. At first I wa sa little disappointed because it was so obviously helpful for someone as low level as me. What I mean by this is I completed the first set and was hungry for more but the next set was aimed, apparently, at higher grades than me. Anyway, I started work on them and was surprised to find that the grade is actually misleading. I think they are there so that if you want to start at your level, then it is easy. But what they don`t say is that if you have really spent time absorbing the material in the firts set then the second is merely a natural progression. In fact, just as powerful but not difficult because of the previous training. I was so happy to find this as I carried on day after day. Then I got to 3rd set which is from 1kyuu to dan level players and still there were no real problems. Everything builds on itself so beautifully. The difference is ot in the questions themselves but more in the information connected to each question such as higher level joseki. But one can choose how long to spend on these according to taste so it is hardly an issue. It wasn`t until I got OT C4 which is very near the end that suddenly I knew I was in a world way beyond my knowledge and ability. Here at last dan level players could get huge joseki, often middle game, at high speed. I could learn them I suppose, but I would never remember or apply them in a game. The other jump was in the kinds of shapes. Here at last in this set are `shapes` that high level players would remember and recognize that just look like little pieces of spaghetti to me. Good to see, but out of my league. But the funny thing was I still found myslef applying the principles learned throughout the whole series and getting most of the answers to the questions correct. That is an amazing testament to the teaching power of this course.
As an example of how much even a low level player like me can retain from this course, the problem at 2o minutes of the c4 lecture is called `new` by Guo Shifu. In fact it isn`t at all. It actually appears as the same question rotated through 9 degrees in another corner about two lectures back although I have no idea where...I was astonished I could recall this. What a great teacher!
Anyway, this course has been a truly great experience I would recommend to anyone.
What to do now?
Go through it again I suppose:)
Best wishes,

2013-07-18 12:21
Guo Juan I am glad you enjoyed our lectures. Thank you Buri!

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