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Your own style

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2012-08-30 21:58
Ice Hi,

does anybody have any ideas on how to find out your own style of playing go.

I just did this test (http://style.baduk.org/style/index.php?), and it said my style is influence-oriented. Maybe we could also share ideas about this test.

Maybe Guo Juan knows something about go styles and how to identify them.

2012-09-14 18:43
Websteria It said my style was passive. :-(

2012-09-30 13:10
Buri Heck,
my style is post-modernist with a hint of parmesan cheese. Why should I let anyone else get their filthy hands on it?

2012-10-01 02:33
Ice Exactly. but my point was that if I could identify my own style, I could probably learn more about my own strengths and weaknesses, and try to get better at go by paying attention to things I like to achieve during the game.

Or maybe this way of thinking is wrong and I should pay attention to all possible ways of thinking. I mean if I was a territorial-style player, I should still think about influence-oriented moves even if i knew it wasn't my absolute style.

So I would say as a conclusion that one should think flexibly about their own style, whether they know them or not.

2012-10-01 03:28
Buri Cheese aside I think it might be a rather interesting issue.
For examples, suppose one is clearly a territorial player. Should one then try to develop that style as much as possible even by studying players like Cho Chikun who are said to be Territorial, or is it better to go the way you suggest ? Lots of aspects not the question.

2013-03-26 19:08
go123 according to this site, my style is greedy.

and comment from the site;

''You like territory so much and it seems that we have similar playing styles.''

i liked it haha.

2013-03-26 19:30
Guo Juan Liking territory is just fine :-) I love it too so I am very greedy as well!!!

2013-03-29 11:01
l_o_g I got this:

"Your style is flexible
Your Go style is flexible: you can play for territory as well as for influence.
Usually you make such decisions according to the whole-board situation or the playing style of your opponent.
You may force him to choose the strategy he hates. For example, if he likes moyos, you can play for influence yourself, just for making him angry.
Your Go style is actually the best one.
You may improve your Go by studying different things, but I suggest paying attention on yose and positional judgment."

However, I do not know whether it is just making fun of me or I played decent moves. There was no evaluation (showing the best move in each diagram) at the end of a test. Maybe, it just generates random messages at the end to cheer people up a bit ;-)

2013-04-05 06:29
Guo Juan A good balance is the key. But handling territory is easier than handling influence. Nowadays black pays a large komi, this is why we have pay more and more attention to territory.

2014-10-04 18:32
Zteven "Your style is passive.
You play Go like a mouse on our banner
Try to attack more!"

I don't think their intention is to cheer you up, perse.

I thought I was making nice, balanced moves...:-(

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