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Lectures Won't Load

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2012-08-17 20:53
elementc I'm using an old version of Firefox (3.6) but I've also tried it in Chrome. It just now loaded after about four minutes

A bit before the site redesign it suddenly started taking forever to load the lectures. So, I thought this might be the same problem but worse. It's working in Chrome but very, very slowly. Firefox still hasn't loaded it as of today. It was still working when the Nongshim Cup Game 13 lecture was posted a few days ago (again, slowly). Now it doesn't load at all in Firefox. It just shows the green borders of the usual pages with no text. Sorry if this ia bit rambling.

2012-08-17 21:18
harusaki HI, i also had same problem with you. I found that Firefox unactivates the java plugin because it is unsafe. YOu could try Internet explorer. The lecture will be load perfectly.

You could also try activating java plugin on firefox by selecting tool-->addon. Then try to find something like "JAVA TM Platform Se 6 U31 6.0.310.5" and activate it.

2012-08-21 22:23
elementc Java was not deactivated. I already checked. Either way it's still not loading in Firefox and it's super slow in ANY browser I've tried.

2012-08-21 22:34
sr I had the same problem as harusaki. I updated my Java from java.com and now it's working fine!

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