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How to handle the study guide

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2012-08-16 22:08
mato Hi Guo,
thank you for this wonderful site and those beautiful lessons. I really enjoy them. However, I feel like it would be great if there would be some guidance on how to work through the study guide. I'm a 7 kyu on kgs and since I know that in anything I do the basics are most important I started with the 30-20 kyu lessons. So now I'm working through the step by step course following your advice of only taking the next lesson after x-amount of games have been played and of course I solve everyday about 40 or more life and death problems (working through the 1001 life and death problems book by Richard Bozulich)
Is it meant that the user works through the step by step and then move on to "important stones" etc. Or how should one proceed through the study guide? What would be an ideal study plan?
Thanks for your help.

2012-10-03 13:42
Guo Juan Sorry for late reply. I was too busy traveling.
It looks like you are doing fine. The study guide is just an idea for students to know which lectures are good to watch at their level. For example if you think you are weaker in middle game, then you should watch more of the middle game lectures. If you think you are weaker in opening, then watch the opening lectures. But then don't watch the ones for much higher level, but the ones which adapt to your level. Have fun!

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