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2012-08-13 10:12
Buri Greetings,
this may sound silly, but I would love a couple of lectures on counting (not sheep).
As I have moved up in rank with the help of these lectures I feel more and more the significance of counting and that in many ways `counting` is similar to Tsumego practice. It is something one can work at away from the game as a discrete exercise so that in the game one can make much faster and efficient automatic decisions. Guo Sifu insists we count twice as we get more advanced but it is rather hard in a short game like those on KGS automatch (where i have to find most of my games) and in the heat of the moment it often does not happen.
Of course, the Step by Step lesson gives small chunks of counting advice so one does get the basics, but I really feel I would benefit from explanations, many examples and exercises in a really intense few lectures so I can become really proficient. It s not that there are an infinite number of games to practice on in the known universe. The problem is knowing if one is correct or not.
In theory, this is one aspect of the game where one can be as precise as a profesisonal, although slower, and that would be a wonderful thing....
Best wishes,

2012-08-16 21:39
mato I agree. Especially exercises for counting would be great. In general I would love if the site had a problem section. For now I'm practicing life and death and Tesujis from books, as I prefer to have it set up by someone who really knows what they're doing instead of amateurs like me :p (goproblem.com)
But I haven't found any counting books so far. So really that is a big gap.

2012-08-18 03:00
Buri hi mato,
you might find Cho Chikun `Positional Judgement,` helpful.
best wishes,

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