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2012-08-03 05:34
Buri Greetings,
as always, thanks for this site. I have a few idle suggestions.
When I was doing Step Lecture 10 I note that we are requested to memorize certain shapes so we don`t have to work them out. At that time I though t would be really great if we could have such things in a pdf. format at the end. If this was the case we could simply print them out and make flashchcards. This would also help making joseki flashcards I think. Every lesson has the joseki in a pdf format. Dont know if this is simple because computers hate me.
Second, if you look at life in 19x19 they have a very helpful function. One can jump to -your- posts or =new= posts. This site is a little awkward because one someone else adds to your post it becomes a little hard to remember where it is. If one posts regularly this could become a nuisance.
Best wishes,

2012-10-03 13:45
Guo Juan Since the last lectures, I started to number the moves in the end of each variation. For example in New Chinese Opening lectures. I hope this will make it easier for students to follow the variations.

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