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Common opening Lecture1

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2012-07-25 07:29
Buri Greetings,
I posted the folowing as a comment below the actual lecture, but I would really like to encourage people to take a look at these great lectures. They are a hard core complement to the `opening training` lectures and getting to know their content should give one a real edge.
At last, NUMBERING! Dies in ecstasy.....

Greetings, another fantastic lecture. At first it covered the absolute beginner point about corners vs. side vs. center. This is such a beginners point I was not confident the lecture would be much use to me. But it is good to see such things again, especiially if one is going to teach in the future, so I hung in there. I was also worried that because I studied the `opening training` series so hard it would be too familiar. But, although there is overlap, this lecture is basically about the character of corner enclosures and how we attack and defend them. In other words it is very heavily loaded towards joseki. This time around Guo sifu numbers them all and it is absolutely wonderful. ((There is a numbering error at 27.59) This is not a course to be hurried. Some of the joseki are -very- advanced but everything here is worth careful and diligent study. Go for it.
Cheers, Buri

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