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A suggestion on lectures

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2012-06-26 13:36
keysersoze The website is gorgeous and the variety of lecture topics is really great!
Surprisingly, i can't see any tesuji lectures! Surely some tiny bits of tesuji are covered in different lectures but why not make a special set of lectures for it? Not to mention that this topic is not so well covered in western go books.
And another thing. Do you by any chance have plans of making some lectures on modern trick moves? I don't mean those classic ones that one can find in any joseki or hamete dictionary but some modern inventions, some new fascinating trick moves that serve as death traps for the opponent? :-)))
(I know Dai JunFu is making lectures on opening tricks and direction now but again those tricks he shows are mostly classic and his lectures are more about opening strategy than about tricks)

2012-06-26 15:32
sr Here is a new set of books on Tesuji (well, new in English anyway) that you might want to check out: http://senseis.xmp.net/?FujisawaTesujiDictionary

2012-06-26 18:35
keysersoze Well, Fujisawa's dictionary is more centered on abstract tesujis, it would be great to see some of those applied in actual games. In fact when i mentioned tesujis i meant the ones that might come in handy in middle game fighting.

2012-06-26 19:19
keysersoze Another suggestion - lectures on sabaki (and possibly shinogi) techniques. How to handle difficult situations and escape with light shape. This is yet another topic thats underdeveloped in western go. Hope to hear what you think about all 3 ideas;)

2012-10-03 13:47
Guo Juan We are building a training system. When that is ready, we will have many exercises. Thanks for your patience.

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