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Your wishes

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2006-07-10 14:43
Guo Juan Dear students, we would like to know more about your wishes, so we can do better work in the future.

Please post your wishes here. We will keep the list of all the wishes and work on them one by one.

Thank you very much for your supporting!

2006-07-10 15:15
j.corbella What about openings? I think a general wish is the study of opening, I would like about mini chinese opening. Topics: game direction from this opening, where focusing the target, center, influence, territory,...
Others opening: Kobayashi opening, low-high chinese.

Other topics: invasion and reduction, new korean fuseki, new tendences on fuseki.

2006-07-26 21:50
francis May be something like "destroying the kgs legends", where you analyse games played by "legendary" players on kgs and you point out all of their mistakes :).

2006-07-26 21:58
francis Each week, one of your teachers could play a game against a kgs high dan, the game would be public, would attract a lot of people, and then you say that the review will be available at audiogolessons.com for 1 euro.

Also, about the pro games reviews, I think you should always offer a sgf for download so that we can actually see the game that will be reviewed before buying it.

2006-07-27 14:10
j.corbella All the games are available from gobase.org, http://www.go4go.net/v2/, http://www.gogameworld.com/index.php, and there are other links on sensei's library site where you can get the sgf file

2006-07-27 18:38
francis Of course there are several ways to get them, but I think it would only be logical to provide a sgf file that we can look at directly...

2006-07-30 23:05
francis Hi,

I am aware of your "watch for 1 month" policy, but I think that for the sake of studying, having a sgf of the lessons we buy would be of great help, because if we only want to see the diagrams, it would be much faster this way, especially for things like game reviews and problems.

Of course, one could decide to make sgf files while watching the lessons, but since those files already exist anyway, why not share them with us? :)

2006-07-30 23:07
francis In the previous post, I meant that the sgf would be useful when one has already listened to the lesson and only wants to review some parts rapidly.

2006-08-31 22:35
mebarisal Lessons are really great. And you are really a good teacher Guo Juan, please keep going.
By my side, I would like too see more "typical mistakes" lessons for 1k-5d (I am about 2d), becausde I DO often typical mistakes :)
All lectures are nice, but my favourites are "opening training" and "pro lectures"..

2006-08-31 22:41
preuss There was a request to have the sgf files available to view before looking at the professional game reviews. I figured that it wasn't hard to do so I set one up myself.


2006-08-31 23:55
mebarisal thank you jmp :))

2006-10-05 22:37
preuss I have something to add to the long wish list.

I would love a few lectures on the concept of making sabaki. I think it is the weakest part of my game. Of course it is also a pretty hard concept to teach but I think any instuction would be useful.

2006-11-09 07:42
robert.ferguson I am interested in hearing about go players' experiences, hitting walls and how they moved passed them. Either as a teacher guiding a student to think differently, or as a pro against other pros. What are the stumbling blocks others have encountered?

It seems to me that go is like life. In life I learn just as much from other people's mistakes and problems as I do from my own.

2010-11-19 18:41
Janne I think a very nice addition to your page would be a problem section with high quality go problems, fuseki, whole board, joseki, tesuji, life & death, sabaki, end game, invasions.. Basically any type of problem you can think of ranging from very easy to very difficult with everything in between:)

2010-11-19 23:38
Guo Juan All what you asked here are on our to-do list. Thanks for your patience! And thank you very much for your support!

About the sgf file, we do publish most of them now.

2010-11-23 16:57
Janne It may already be planned as well, but I would like to see some handicap game lectures with lower handicap (as black) 2-6 (mostly 2-4). Playing as 2 dan it is difficult to find stronger opponents that want to play and give handicap, most of the time they prefer even games. However sometimes it's possible, and then I tend to mess up even more when I have 2-3 handi than if I were to play a 4-5 dan in an even game.

2010-11-24 16:37
Guo Juan As black or as white?
Yes, I will continue work on handicap game.

2011-01-05 22:04
candoken My wishes: lectures on tesujis, ladders and snapbacks :) Maybe a problem L+D for everyday possible?

2011-01-05 22:08
candoken oh yes, btw forgot, maybe about playing ko? when its useful, handling stepko and so on, just with a few exercises. I really enjoy this site. It´s such a help!

2011-03-13 22:47
Ice I'm interested in the 5-5 opening. Also others like 5-3, 5-4 and 3-3. It could be really helpful to see lectures about them, since I want to know how to play other moves than hoshi and komoku :D

There was one free lecture about 5-5, maybe I should see it again... :D

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