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Black and White

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2012-04-20 18:04
Ice Is there something different about playing with white or with black? Ive noticed that when i play with white i lose and win with black. With white i usually get a bad global result.

So does the color matter or is this just psychological?

2012-04-20 18:11
sr Good question. I'll be interested to hear what Guo Juan has to say. My guess is that since black gets to play first it is different. Like maybe white has to choose a different game plan since black might be building faster.

2012-05-01 16:07
mr_gorkajuice When I play white, I feel like I'm always responding locally to pressure from black, and can generally only put counter-pressure on black by allowing him to get a local advantage in the fights he started. I really feel like it does require a bit of a different mindset.
However, playing black in a handicap game, especially 4 stones +, has the same tendency of causing you to play defensive, since you sort of expect to be ahead by default. Assuming an appropriately stronger opponent, how do you fare in such games?

2012-05-01 17:16
sr I was assuming an even game with players of approximately the same strength.

Playing in handicap games is an entirely different topic. Actually there are some <a href="http://internetgoschool.com/audio.vhtml?tab=browse&amp;category=13">good lectures by Guo Juan on playing handicap</a>.

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