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Suggestion - Taisha joseki

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2012-04-03 21:27
Lhundup Dear Guo Juan,
I was just wondering if you or any of the other teachers have any plans to makes some lectures covering the taisha joseki. This is something I would really love to learn about. Thank you so much for all your amazing work so far, the lectures on this site are incredibly informative and enjoyable!
best wishes

2012-04-08 11:52
Ice Good idea! Even though the Taisha is "the joseki you can't learn" or something, I still find myself playing it and also my opponents play it the hard way 99% of the time. For an example game what about Shuusaku vs Gennan Inseki, where Shuusaku made a mistake in the Taisha, or so I remember. I mean the ear reddening game :D

2012-04-08 15:29
Guo Juan It is on our To-Do list. Thank you very much for your nice words and support!

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