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Disappointed you removed the free lectures

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2012-03-14 16:07
globulon I just wanted to say that while the new website looks good, I am disappointed that you removed a large number of free lectures. They were a big part of why I decided to spend money on your paid lectures, and I was enjoying listening to them even after I had money in my account to buy others. I thought it was quite interesting to see a pro commenting high level amateur games. It seems a shame that at the least they weren't just put into the paid sections but as far as I can see have been removed completely.

2012-03-14 23:03
preece Have they gone or just harder to find?

e.g http://internetgoschool.com/lecture.vhtml?ls_id=41 still free?

2012-03-14 23:06
vdm If you are not logged in, you can still play it Preece, so i'd say yes, it's still free.

2012-03-15 09:46
Guo Juan Free lectures come in two kinds: Samples to let someone see how the site works before buying, and sponsored lectures, where a go club pays for the lecture for the benefit of the go community. There are now only three Samples as there were far too many before (I do have to make a living you know). You can now find the Sponsored Lectures on the Browse by Category page.

2012-03-15 11:25
globulon Thanks for the replies. It seems the lectures are available again. Somehow they weren't showing up when I looked for them before. Thank you to the associations for sponsoring those lectures. They really are quite good. One thing I particularly like about them is how personal they are as Guo Juan knows many of the players.

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