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Good mistakes/Bad mistakes

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2006-07-05 14:52
Guo Juan There are two kinds of mistakes, the good mistakes and bad mistakes.
Good mistakes are the things we don't know or don't understand. Bad mistakes are the things we already know, but we still play because we don't find better moves.

Keep on playing bad mistakes will stop us making progress.

2011-08-05 16:12
Janne It can be difficult to stop playing the bad mistakes I think, one example is from a game I played yesterday, I won it big, but I played a very careless mistake that could have lost me a big group, I was seeing this as I placed the stone and then being upset because I played there. After that my opponent didn't play the severe move so I could capture one of his groups, being one liberty ahead instead. And later in the same game my opponent played a move and I responded, but right away I felt I could have ignored to play a much bigger move because he had no severe follow up (he could just save 1 stone in sente on next move I think) I had a much bigger move that I could have played, and was the move I wanted to play as well after cursing myself for responding. Of course he played that move after I responded to the gote move:) This is a bad habbit even if it is a slower game, to respond too quickly when one knows better moves. I try to make less of these mistakes, but they still happend, and are the ones that are the most annoying because I know better. Is there any good advice against this, other than look before you leap?, I mean to work on getting better at taking that second look in positions where one might often otherwise just respond, I think it happends much more than I realize, and to alot of players as well.

2011-08-09 01:10
Guo Juan Play more games to gain more experience, and improve shapes will help.

2011-08-29 09:34
goTree I believe carelessness mistakes are, in a way, not so bad you just need to focus -I have a friend who does a lot of such mistakes and it's a pity cause he always ends up playing weaker players and can't improve but he is just too much XD.

But I think the worst mistakes are those you know are wrong when you play them, but you think you win that way. for example the main mistakes for 30-10k is attach-attching for 10k-1k it's greed for dan player it's haste, usually those who enhance these bad habists stop growing alltogether, and it seems to me that they don't try to change style because they are scared to lose their progress or someting. the other day I played with a guy, I won easily by 40 or so points 3 games (I lost once but it was quite funny :P) but I thought he was a greedy 3-4k I was so shocked when he said he was 20k. well that's the kind of player with 1k reading and 30k strategy, you can't improve that way.

2011-11-16 18:00
sr I think there is an element of 'sport psychology' here too. I find that I play much stronger when I'm patient and calm. When I'm patient I take more time to find a better move and I take more time to read the correctness of each move. Other times I am not so patient - I play fast and impulsively. My Go 'knowledge' is not any different but my rank suffers a lot. These are the bad mistakes because if I just took a bit more time I would easily be able to see that it is a bad move.

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